Rosman’s history dates back to 1925 when its founder Josep Ros Capdevila, son of Francesc Ros Caba, a very modest scale started making sparkling wine, as it was called then.

Family tradition

Can Guineu’s property wineries conrad craft. A third of the crop went to the making of wine for personal consumption. In 1942 with the data that left his father (Alfred Delapierre student in the implementation of the method “champanoise” in this country) began making the first bottles of sparkling wine for family consumption.

Over time, friends and acquaintances began to buy some bottles, a fact that made him think of themselves fully to become a cava producers.

Currently Rosmas (etymology of surnames Masana Ros) is a family business run by Felix Ros MAsana and his son Jaume Ros Amigó, second and third generation who have remained true to its tradition.